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Lord's Harvest International

africa iconThere are about 147 congregations in Malawi and Mozambique that are affiliated with the Church of God General Conference . The churches vary in size from 15-20 to 125 members.

For a number of years short term mission teams have been sent to these two countries to teach, preach, and to assist with food relief needs.

The pastors and workers are dedicated and hard working.  When teams visit, people flock to the churches for all the services and they are very receptive to the messages.  They ask us to have one or two services at each church we visit, depending on where it is located, and each service lasts about 3 hours.

Famine is a serious problem for these two nations.  Very few people use fertilizer, but those who do use it have incredible crops.  Drought is also a problem.  Though the government provides wells for drinking water, these wells cannot be used for irrigation.  Our teams have helped to provide seed packs and fertilizer to many of the church families.  We are also planning to help dig wells to be used for irrigation.

The work is very viable.  There are many dedicated pastors and workers who are godly people, furthering the Word of the Kingdom of God .  They are very enthusiastic and excited about sharing the gospel.  They are a blessing to us and to each other, as well as many others.  They ask that we not forget them, and continue to lift them up in prayer.